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These are the people who have backed the project so far, whether it was with $1, $2000, or something inbetween:

October 2011:
John Roberts

Going away party, July 2012:
Darren and Jennifer Klassen
Roy and Paula Klassen
Frank and Teresa Kleist
Rick and Patsy Milton

Kickstarter backers, August and September 2012:
Andrew Kaiser
Angela Walls
Anne-Marie Davidson
Aras Kubilay
Atılay Ünal
Berkan Ogut
Bill Reibl
Bugra Oguzer
Burak Ilgicioglu
Catherine Jaffee
Catherine Salter Bayar
Chelsea Monroe-Cassel
Ciara Johnson
Cicekten Yesilkaya
Claire Giles
Darcy Musler
David Morris
Denise Waters
Diane Rubino
Dominic Poon
Doris Hofer
Ebru Reis
Engin Dogu Gonen
Engin Yenidunya
Gary Morton
Gary Rayl
Gayle Solberg
George V. Reilly
Haisheng Fan
Hasan Ercan
Helena Blackburn
Helene Tozier
James Barnett
Jan Prins
Jennifer Klassen
Jennifer Roche
Joan Eroncel
John Roberts
Judy East
Kate Repp
Krista Niemczyk
Kristine Duncan
Larry Hauser
Levent Pekcan
Levent Sonmez
Malik Tunador
Marc Gilmore
Mark Killebrew
Mark Warren
Mark Wideberg
Marlis Becker
Mary Baba
Muratcan Arık
Natarajan Srinivasan
Onur Köksüyer
Orcun SINA
Peter Grimsditch
Richard and Fern Paziak
Robert S Lindsay
Rong Wu
Rosemary Nachtigall-Friesen
Roy Klassen
Ruth Anne Krause
Sally Green
Sascha Kaposi
Simon Burthem
Stephanie Dodaro
Stephanie Tran
Stephen Gallagher
Steve Pheby
Susan Narayan
Sylvia Robertson
Terry Henson Kaymak
Tony & Sharon

Peter and Nancy Klassen

Here’s a thank you letter I wrote to the Kickstarter backers. I feel the same thankfulness to all my backers, regardless of where they came from, or even what they did. A hot meal, a smile, or a place to camp means as much to me as financial backing.

Last but certainly not least, I wouldn’t be doing this without the support of my parents, Jim and RuthAnne Krause. For my entire life they have shown incredible restraint in not letting on how worried they were when I was out doing things that would make a parent shudder with anxiety. That kind of restraint is one of the best gifts a parent can give his or her child.